culturfuge: an invitation to think aloud

January 2, 2007

This blog aims to provide a reasoned analysis of media and its cultural impacts in America, particularly on women. I also hope to feature video of discussions taking place on issues of public interest around my hometown of New York City.

Other topics that interest me and I hope to discuss with others are: Third Culture; atheism, religion and the scientific worldview; the future of media and technology; and of course, politics. I want to think aloud on this blog, with the utmost rigor and freedom, and hope others will join me in a collaborative learning process. Hopefully, some sort of collborative project can come out of this blog.

About me: I am a recent graduate of Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, and currently trying to break into media as a TV producer.

Current media favorites: Robot Chicken, Stephen Colbert, Richard Dawkins, edge.org


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